It's been a while since we talked ugly spots and ridiculously large pores. Well, today's your lucky day so let's get on with it! There has been a couple of new products which I've been testing on my pore-y areas - ya know, the good ol' T-zone. Let me give you a brief review of these 4 pore (allegedly) eliminating products (with a touch of negative and not very constructive criticism). 

UNT Pore Refiner (£17, UNT)
I generally love the UNT skincare range (see proof here) however this bad boy proved nothing but bad. I really wanted this product to work - it promised me pore-detox and drastically reducing the size of my pores. It was a bit of a lie to be fair. It did nothing but slimed up my nose every time I applied it. Why, oh why? What have I done wrong?

Caolion Where is Pore? O2 Bubble Pore Pack ($26, Peach & Lily)
This is a totally different story though - this O2 bubble pore pack is exactly what you want from Korean skincare. It's quirky, slightly freaky, but thoroughly enjoyable and the key thing here is that it actually works. It works very similarly to Missha Super Aqua (read here). You apply on slightly damp face and what this product does is that it bubbles up (almost in a fizzy kind of way). The bubbling and fizzing basically opens up your pores which then makes an ideal canvas for further pore action - I recommend using Biore nose strips.  

Caolion Where is Pore? Steam Pore Pack ($38, Peach & Lily)
I'm just a little baffled by the fact that this Where is Pore is so much less effective than the slightly cheaper O2 Bubble Pore Pack. What a mystery

Biore Nose Strips (£7.99, Boots)
When I think about how many times I've repurchased these Biore nose strips I come to the conclusion that I must have already spend at least £100 on them! Waaaah! Do I need to say more? They are affordable (and who wouldn't like that?!). They make me happy (because you can get the infamous clean pore evidence on them once you rip them off). The make my skin as clean as a pin (because they do work, oh so well!). Well done, yo Biore, well done!