Well, definitely more than it needs to be. I'm obviously making up for the years of not wearing any make-up at all here and you know what? No shame. I don't know how some of you can travel with just a lipstick and a blusher. I always feel like I have to go all out. But to be honest I do think I've packed less than I did for Santorini - and as it turned out I was wearing about zero make-up for the whole week. But you know, I do need essentially three nail polishes for a week in Prague. I just bloody okay, okay? And what else is in my make-up bag?

Let's start with my face base products - my current go to (in fact run to if I was ever presented with the opportunity to express my loyalty to this product) base is the ever so trusty Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation. I cannot believe how brilliant this foundation is and how much improvement you can see in my skin after using almost a full bottle of it. It's insane! You can read a full review here. I've also packed my Bobbi Brown concealer - for those 'just got off the plane and my under-eye bags are bigger than my checked-in luggage' moments. To spruce up the dull after flight skin I've also packed MAC blusher in Gleeful and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle. These two are my most favourite cheek combination ever. E.v.e.r.      

For a week's worth of holiday I ain't going too wild on the eye zone. The truth is that I don't really wear any eye make-up whilst travelling because I tend to rub my eyes all the time and when in the destination I don't really fancy spending 15 minutes each morning slapping on loads of mascara and whatnot. Clarins Wet & Dry quad will do the job both when I need a quick base and when I need a slightly smokier eye for an evening out. I've also added the basics - Eyeko eyeliner, Clinique mascara and Maybelline brow gel

I've played it quite safe on the lips front this time - the trio of choice here is Aesop lip cream, Bobbi Brown creamy lip colour in Bobbi 5 and Chanel Coco Shine in Chance. Both colours I feel really suit my skin tone plus I can apply them without mirror which is a massive bonus. And they are also very hydrating which is ideal as my lips go berserk whilst travelling.  

Yeah well, I did not hold back here. Three nail polishes - well, in fact two. Essie base coat has been my go to base coat for definitely more than 2 years now, it never fails me. I've also packed Essie Wicked because that's what I'm wearing at the moment and Essie Muchi Muchi just in case the dark burgundy starts irritating me - do you sometimes get this with more in your face colours?