My travel uniform
Whilst you're reading this post I am most likely on my way to London. On a coach. Very very likely puking in the coach toilets because that's what I do on long coach journeys. But hey, all this means only thing - we are going on holiday! And whilst we will be exploring my homeland (Czech Republic, for those who only just stumbled upon this little blog!), I have prepared a couple of travel-related blog posts for you. Let's start with the key fashion advice - what to wear when travelling city-break style.

I know, I know, it's your first day of holiday and there will be a lot of selfies and you want to look super pretty. But try to remember that literally no one judges you for travelling in comfy clothes. You can see people wear jogging bottoms when on the plane for Christ's sake! And you know what? Comfy doesn't mean that you're not putting any effort in or that you won't look pretty. I'm going with a well worn in pair of jeans, a baggy tee, an extra long cardigan, a soft triangle bra (for the extra boob comfort) and flats.    

It took me a while to be able to master the baggage situation. You have to find a bag which is exactly the right size for all your travel belongings, one that's sturdy enough not to break under the weight of a DSLR and in my case one that's also gonna fit into a larger cabin bag (as we are going for an out of Prague overnight trip I will need an overnight bag too which doubles as a cabin luggage, phew!). And obviously a suitcase which you will check in at the airport.

All the other things which you are going to carry in your handbag. In my case this is limited to my DSLR, a good book (I'm still reading the one about Brunel which I've mentioned numerous times on my Instagram & Twitter - follow here & here), my Aesop lip cream (which doubles as an emergency moisturiser for flakey skin), my purse and phone with headphones and an emergency carry on charger. I'm also taking my & Other Stories face mist (review here) with because it helps me battle with the all day tiredness and travel sickness, whey!

The uniform's on, the hair's up in a bun, the book & camera's in the bag and my tickets and passport in my hand.
Ahoy and see you in Prague!