Cityscape Bliss - About
Hi, I’m Tereza - a 20-something year old blogger from Birmingham with an Eastern European accent (although you could argue that Czech Republic is kinda in the centre, rather than in the East), two kittens (my bestest of friends Cookie & a naughty little devil Princess Pippin) and a penchant for nude lipsticks (I insist that Beige by Bobbi Brown is the ultimate perfection), ficus plants (my aim is to collect all 500 species, still have about 491 to go!) & peculiar curio shop finds (am I the only one mesmerised by vintage forks and jam spoons?)

Cityscape Bliss follows a journey of a girl who moved from a tiny Czech village to the second city in the UK with just a carry on (which contained a pair of jeans, two tops, one jumper and FIVE books including complete works of Woody Allen, no regrets). 

Cityscape Bliss is a journal full of beauty & style tips, home decor inspiration & DIY projects, easy recipes, travel diaries, cat toy hauls and fitness reflections.

I have been part of this blogging shebang for a couple of years now. Five years, to be exact. And I've been loving every minute of it, even when Princess Pippin made tiny teeth marks in my laptop, even when the Gossip Guru was still a thing. It started as a beauty review blog - because the tom boy I used to be wanted to fit in with all the pretty girls I met at the university. Very soon after the launch (if I can even call it that - create a blog - new - simple template - boom!), Cityscape Bliss was long-listed for Marie Claire Blog Awards in the category Best Beauty Blog (look here!). As the months and years went on, I outgrew Cityscape Bliss - or to be correct, I let it grow with me. Now this remote corner of the internets is a scrapbook of my life - you know, one of those really colourful ones with postcards and little Polaroid photos poking out from the pages. I like to think that it's one of those that inspires you to make your life just as colourful - in a simple, village girl kind of way