Make-up brushes - tips & tricks
One thing (amongst a million) in the beauty world that I have not mastered yet are make-up brushes. Why has no one written a comprehensive guide on everything brush related yet? I mean, I don't need to read about how to put eye shadow on when I don't know which brushes to use and how to clean them - or even how to hold them! Luckily, bloggers often share their tips & tricks which is the helpfulest - yet, I could do with a brush bible on hand every now & then. Today's my turn to share a few tips & tricks, they might not be as useful as you'd expect, but important nonetheless. 

Storage: As you know I'm a massive fan of everything DIY & basically my whole life is one huge project for me. Muji storage for brushes is therefore off the table for me. Let's re-invent something that we already have - a plant pot, old candle jar, or an empty tub of ice-cream? Anything goes! Why would you spend money on something that you already have, why would anyone?! 

Cleaning: I'm radically against spending money on brush cleansers. I mean, I get the point but I have been using a baby shampoo (Johnson's Baby for a quid from Poundland) for years and I still have some of my very first brushes and they are just as fine as they were when I got them. Who cares about brush mitts and cleansing jellys, save your monies and spend them on higher quality brushes rather than silly tools to clean your brushes with. 

Types: This is the point where I get completely lost. From my experience though you don't really need as many brushes as it may seem. I have some of the fundamental types - you know the big fluffy one for your powder, a slanted one for your contour, a soft blush brush, a handful of eye shadow brushes.. and I've never thought oh wait, my life is not complete without this mac 43682423 which is slightly larger than my blush brush but smaller than my blush brush and denser with fibres from silver fox's arse. Just get the basic set and you're good to go!  

Brands: Now this is where my expertise comes in. I adore beautiful brushes and there's no shame in it. I won't buy a cleansing brush spritz but I'll buy a new set of brushes because they have rose gold handles and little kitten faces all over them, oh yes. Vanity (and perhaps stupidity too) at its finest. I have a particular thing for brushes from Tarte, Hourglass, Nars & the rose gold Zoeva collection. You can admire the beauty of these here on the House of Fraser website - they have one of the largest ranges to choose from!

What's your stance when it comes to make-up brushes?