6 products from eness Cosmetics you will want to try after reading this
Do you remember when eness Cosmetics first opened in Birmingham? It was way back in summer when it was a little (just a little!) warmer than it is today and when your breakfast choices probably didn't include mince pies and panettone (and if they did then go you!). The range of eness Cosmetics has grown since and I've tried a few more bits & bobs from both the original line & new additions.

Which 6 products from eness Cosmetics should you try?

🌿 Exotic Africa Argan Oil Nourishing Hair Oil (£12, eness Cosmetics - buy here)

Their new line called Exotic Africa is based around nourishing Argan oil and all the products include a good dash of it. The first thing that catches your eye is the gorgeous rose gold detailing on the new packaging. The scent of the whole Exotic Africa line is ever so subtle but very very pleasant - it smells very clean, warm & cosy. The hair oil itself is definitely my favourite product from the range - it easily compares to more high end oils (I'd even say it compares to the Macadamia range which is one of my absolute favourites for hair oil).

🌿 Exotic Africa Argan Oil Rich Body Butter (£10, eness Cosmetics - buy here)

Another product from the Exotic Africa range that sparkled my interest is the body butter. You can never have enough body butters in your house. Especially when your fake tanning frequency is that of Jodie Marsh. I really enjoy the non-sticky formula and subtle scent of this one.

🌿 Exotic Africa Argan Oil Hair Conditioner (£10, eness Cosmetics - buy here)

Hair conditioners containing Argan oil are always good. That's a FACT. You do have to use them only on the ends of your hair or perhaps mid-length towards the ends otherwise it could end up in a disaster - oil based hair products can really grease up your hair if you apply them to the roots (been there, done that). The Exotic Africa conditioner makes my hair beautifully soft and easy to detangle.

🌿 Exotic Africa Argan Oil Nourishing Body Oil (£12, eness Cosmetics - buy here)

As you know I have a thing for beauty oils in any shape & form so a body oil had been on my list to try. It has the very same pleasant scent as all the other products in the range and it's not too thick which is great if you want to use it before bed like I do.

🌿 Pink Blossom Deodorant Spray (£3.50, eness Cosmetics - buy here)

My absolute favourite range from the original collection is the Pink Blossom. I'd lie if I said it smells like orange blossom, vanilla and rose. It smells like baby powder. But like a really expensive top notch baby powder. I can appreciate that baby powder is an acquired taste and perhaps not everyone wants to smell like it but I find the scent so comforting & calming - that's why I've been using it as a room spray instead (as per my 5 ingredients for a cosy bedroom).

🌿 Pink Blossom Roll on Deodorant (£2, eness Cosmetics - buy here)

The final product which is definitely worth trying is their roll on deodorant. I like using non-offensive softer deodorants for my morning yoga flows and more natural deodorants when I want to refresh before a cosy evening (read: Netflix & Chinese for dinner). The baby powder scent is absolutely perfect for my yoga - it relaxes me like no Sure would!

Have you tried any eness Cosmetics products yet?
Or have you popped into their store on Cannon Street in Birmingham yet?
It's so homey & the staff are ever so lovely!

6 products from eness Cosmetics you will want to try after reading this
6 products from eness Cosmetics you will want to try after reading this
💭 Some of these products have been given to me to trial (thank you!), some of them I have purchased with my own money. Dry flakey skin and rough AF winter hair is my very own (oh how I wish it wasn't).