Three of my favourite high end blushers
I've always been more of a drugstore beauty kinda girl but if you've ever tried high end beauty products then you know that it's pretty damn hard to step off that ladder once you've started climbing it. When it comes to blushers I used to be obsessed with Sleek. They have, hands down, the most pigmented blushers with the longest staying power in the drugstore. The shades are gorgeous and the shimmer in them is ever so finely milled. I genuinely cannot fault them. But I have tried a few high end blushers over the years and here are my 3 favourite picks - for the days when you want that little bit of extra luxury.

Marc Jacobs Air Blush in Flesh & Fantasy
(£28, John Lewis - buy it here)
This Marc Jacobs blush is my current favourite - I wear it just about every single time when I do my make-up. I've mentioned that Yvonne from Marc Jacobs Beauty has taught me a few tricks on how to apply make-up like a real pro and one of her tips was to pull at your lower lip to find the perfect blusher shade for your skin tone. And this is it - Flesh & Fantasy is the perfect mauve coral shade for me. It has got the right amount of earthy tones in it and you can make it slightly more intense by picking up the pigment on the darker side of the blusher or slightly more shimmery and luminous by sweeping your brush the opposite way.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Incandescent Electra
(sold out, Luminous Flush might be a similar shade - £32, SpaceNK - buy it here)
Everyone's absolutely charmed by the Hourglass Ambient collection and I can totally understand why. No matter which shade you pick up (they do all seem pretty similar to me, not gonna lie) you will get a flush with the most beautiful sheen to it. It's this beautiful glow that gives this blusher its star quality. Unfortunately Incandescent Electra is now sold out but I've read that Luminous Flush might be a similar shade, just a tad darker?

⚫ Charlotte Tilbury in Ecstasy
(£30, John Lewis - buy it here)
Charlotte Tilbury is my favourite! She's such a beautiful woman and there's a not product from her range that I wouldn't love from the very depth of my heart. Even her Beach Stick - which I find the weakest in her range - makes me so incredibly happy and I do cherish it just like any other product from her collection. Her blushers are insane - as you can tell I'm all about that marble effect in the pan. This blusher is from the Swish & Pop collection - you swish the lighter shade and pop the more intense one on the apples of your cheeks. I usually swirl them together because I'm a lazy git but hell isn't it the most beautiful shade of pink!

Three of my favourite high end blushers

What's your favourite high end blusher that makes your heart skip a beat?

Three of my favourite high end blushers
Three of my favourite high end blushers
Three of my favourite high end blushers