Back in Czech Republic I used to go to a car boot sale (we call them flea markets) pretty much every Saturday but never realized how popular they were in the UK! Reading Vikki's blog hasn't been much of a help with resistance either as she always, always finds such amazing things at car boot sales, it's unreal! *jealous grin* Finally, this Sunday I gave in, kicked my boyfriend out of bed super early and set off for a car boot sale just outside of Brum. And good God - look at what I've found!

The field at the car boot sale I went to was massive - well, it's right next to a very posh golf course, so the spaces around that area are enormous in general. It was so cold though that we ran through the whole car boot sale in less than an hour - but we still found some great bargains!

I'm not joking - the price tags above are for real. There was a stall with two blokes who obviously had no clue what they were selling - and all the products were brand new & sealed, just the outer packaging was a bit grubby. I only spent there about 5 minutes and found Essie Luxedo for 20p, B&B Surf Spray for 75p, Rituals air freshener for 75p, brand new Clinique foundation in a shade that actually matches my skin tone for 75p and Burt's Bees lip balm for 75p! Apart from that I got a leopard print shirt for a quid (originally H&M) and a little kitten teapot for a quid - how flippin' adorable is it?!

I am well excited about yesterday's finds - especially considering that almost all the products are brand new! Altogether I spent whole £5.20 on all this, instead of almost £100, woah!

Do you go to car boot sales?
Where do you get the best bargains?