When I was younger I used to looove those charm bracelets that used to jingle (more like rattle, ehm) when you were wearing them on your wrist. The only thing that sucked a bit was that they only came with the charms they were made with and you couldn't really personalize them unless you went a bit craft crazy, bought separate charms in a craft store and started opening and closing chain links with sharp nail scissors (yup, been there) - which just wasn't the easiest to be fair and you often ended up with chain links snapped and charms fallen off (and cuts in your hand if you're as clumsy as me). When the concept of Pandora charms came out I was thrilled - such a smart idea! But then I looked at the price tags... & my jaw dropped. Man, they are expensive! Luckily - Achica is runnin' a sale on Pandora charms - & you can get a charm for as little as a tenner!

Considering that the charms are made of silver (or gold, with real gems) and hand-finished, you sort of expect the price tag they come with, but hey - if you can get them cheaper, why not right? Achica is sellin' all the charms above with up to 60% off - which is quite a decent deal - the bee hive (my favourite from the selection) is discounted from £80 to £20, woah!

I'm pretty sure that you Pandora lovers will appreciate this & maybe it will make some of us non-Pandora people jump onto the bandwagon too! Even I have to admit that they are super cute & if my birthday wasn't so far from now, I would probably bat lashes in my boyfriend's direction, haha! Here - check out the all the charms & maybe check out their watches too (up to 90% - instead of paying £700-something you can get them for £100-something!!). 

The sale starts tomorrow morning at 6.30am and finished in two days - so gooo!

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