Attention, attention - his is not a food post. Can you actually believe it? The chocolate mud looks like flippin' Nutella, doesn't it?! Well, in fact the products below are actually a sample from Granny Sally's Soap Kitchen* skin care & body care range! I can bet that you've never heard of this brand before, it's nothing that would fly around in beauty boxes or be available from Space NK. Granny Sally's Soap Kitchen is an Edinburgh based, family run business of soap & candle makers who put their best into making products unique and of a high quality. 

Mississippi Mud Pac is simply a very basic clay face mask - with a good load of coco powder. Nom nom nom! *actually dribbles* Imagine products that include coco powder or chocolate in any other form with a strong chocolate smell. Remember the smell. Now imagine a massive 1kg pot of Nutella. Yeeeah, that's it. This is the difference between Mississippi Mud Pac & any other coco infused product on the market - you actually want to eat this, both in terms of texture and scent - it's like REAL chocolate, maan!

Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding Scrub is again quite a simple face scrub, but oh God - the smell. It's like you went to vanilla heaven. It reminds me a bit of a smell of babies - not poopy babies, it's rather a scent of clean pink smelling babies - ya know what I mean, right? What I liked about this scrub apart from the *high on vanilla smile* scent is that it doesn't just exfoliates but it also moisturizes at the same time, which is quite rare with scrubs.

Manna Soap Loaf is one of Granny Sally's signature products & although I was a bit wary of using it - it looks rough & brown (a bit of a poop colour), but once you get brave and try it - I can promise you that you gonna love it! It reminds me a lot of Lush products, but with more natural 'edible' scent. It exfoliates, it smells of cake (I personally can smell almond brownies - if those even exist, ha!) and it leaves your skin feeling nice & cleansed.  

All these products are very account-friendly - the scrub & mask come in quite decent sized jars for £4 & a the soap costs £3.50. Not bad for how gorgeous and unique these products are - I see them as a nice alternative to Lush (I think I got a bit over-lushed of the Lush smell to be honest) and are perfect for a little pamper session before a long day at work. You can find many & many more products on Granny Sally's website here!

What brand have you recently tried but think other people may have not heard of?