I finally booked my holidaaaay! *happy bean* And with booked holiday comes.. holiday shopping! One thing that I really want to start wearing this summer is maxi dresses. They are just so comfortable and I love how some of them give you the proper summery hippie look! The only thing that I find a bit confusing (which is also a reason why I haven't been wearing maxi dresses that much) is the shapes - some of them look super flattering, others make me look like I've got a horse bum. Urgh. Off to find the perfect maxi dress I go...

The maxi dress I'm wearing below (& above, doh!) is yet another find from a brandless shop in Brum - a really cute (although not too juvenile, phew) foxy chiffon dress. The foxes are not exactly in your face & the cut is on the flattering side - covers enough on the top and reveals a bit of your legs - you can't see it but it actually has got low dip at the back and shorter hem at the front. Makes me feel a bit like a fairy but hey - at least it's black (the safe colour). Also, it cost whole £6.99 - don't buy it for the price of 2 sandwiches from WHSmith, right?

I paired it with a brown woven belt (from Primarni for just a quid!) because I thought it quite complimented the whole hippie vibe - plus I tied it up in a knot to make it look more casual. Did hippies like foxes, by the way? I don't know.

As to what to wear with maxi dresses.. I like maxi dresses to be casual, I'm not too keen on 'prom' maxi dresses - they are pretty, yeah, but man - you have to look like Naomi Campbell to pull them off. It's not like you throw on a lace sparkly number and you off to go when you're just 165cm short (& argue with your GP who claims it's 163cm and goin' lower every other year) and there's no particular gap between your thighs. Basically, when I wear a maxi dress I aim to look like I'm goin' to a festival (or run around a field). Throw on the dress, add a pair of chunky dangly earrings (I looove feather earrings and always wear them to death!), some arm-candy (can be totally random selection of whatever you find as long as it's got some natural looking earth tones to it), a pair of either sandals (when it's warm enough) or leather ankle booties (low heel's preferable as this is all about comfort!) & a leather jacket (can also be denim if that's what you prefer), just in case it gets a bit chilly! Also, don't forget your cat - the ultimate accessory for maxi dresses. Not really, Cookie's had his snip recently and since then he's bein' even more of a metrosexual than before - his particular weakness is leather, if you didn't get the gist. *sigh* 

A to finish the whole discussion on maxi dresses off, here's a little maxi dress wishlist. You know I'm a chronic cat-obsessor, so it should not come as a surprise that I would like to own a maxi dress with a cat print on it *blah blah she's talkin' about cats again*. The one on the right is from Asos and the second one from the left is from E-bay (that one will definitely be mine one day!). Also, I've noticed that New Look has brought out quite a wide range of maxi dresses including great basic ones (see below). I love the first one with cross back - looks like a great holiday number to me!

Do you wear maxi dresses?
How do you style them?