My current favourite lip products
I don't usually go all out with monthly favourites, I'm sure you've gotten used to it by now (sorry not sorry). This month I have been favouring a handful of lip products though which are definitely worth mentioning.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi (£5.50, Boots): I've been finding myself reaching for this particular shade of lip cream a lot this month - it's just so easy to apply and reapply on the go (which is ever so rare when it comes to lip creams!) and the shade goes with absolutely everything. You can read a full review of NYX matte lip creams here
Caudalie Plyphenol Anti-Wrinkle Eye & Lip Cream (£26, Look Fantastic): You can tell I love this little sample so much just by how tatty it looks! I got it in the Powder box (read here) and although I was really excited to see a lip cream as one of the products in there it took me a couple of weeks to really give it a proper try. It feels a little funny - almost like you shouldn't be putting it on your lips - but it works brilliantly. I usually apply it in the morning or before going to sleep - both on my lips and just around the outline of my lips. 
Pixi Nourishing Lip Polish (£14, HQ Hair): Yet another product that already looks worse for wear because of how much I've been using it. This one is a such an odd little thing! As you can see in the picture above - the 'nozzle' is covered in little rubbery spikes. These literally massage your lips whilst you're applying the lip polish. It's such a strange sensation but definitely good strange! Either way it must work because I haven't had flaky lips for weeks now (touch wood!) - oh and it tastes so sweet and yum!

What are your current favourite lip products?