Hair removal is a bit of a strange topic to talk about - even on a beauty blog I guess. It's just one of those things you don't wanna hear about until you need an actual advise - you know, like an ingrown hair or spot on a hair line (yuck, even typin' these up is makin' me cringe!). But hey - we all do encounter them eventually (& not only women, trust me on that one!). And since the spring seems to be finally comin', we might as well give the whole hair removal situation a thought, or two.

The main question that I never understood properly was what's the difference between depilation & epilation. I've done my reading now though - depilation is when you get rid of the hair from your skin upwards (does that even make sense?!) and epilation means you get rid of the whole hair (even the bit below your skin). Smart, ay?

So what have I tried? First of all, you need to know that my hairs are just like my hair - thick, dark and stubborn like hell. *sigh* When I started high school (that was too late, I know, but I'm from a village so shush!) I got my first razor - it was the Venus one which (with updates, and slight upgrades obviously!) stayed with me until now. There's nothing that can save you as quickly and as painlessly as a simple razor blade can. You can pop it into your bag for when you goin' camping, although you should not - when it is a case of emergency you can dry shave (and if possible then heavily moisturize afterwards). I never felt like trying anything else at the time, because well - there wasn't too much to try to start of with in my little town and the razor worked good enough. 

After high school I realized that shaving might not be the best thing after all (and tweezing is not something you wanna try either, ouch!). So I went and tried waxing. Those 'super amazing' waxing strips and roll-on's (eg Veet) do absolutely nothing to a single hair on me. Nothing. They just make me sticky and I do think that these companies should finally admit that this is not for people with thick hair. What did work though was microwaveable wax. It usually comes in little beads and you put a few in a bowl, put the whole thing in a microwave or on a hob, warm it up, slap on a layer of it on you legs (or wherever else you wish to) with a wooden spatula and when it's dry you rip it off. It does work really well - but let me tell you this - it feckin' hurts! Plus it's quite time consuming to be fair. 

Since waxing seemed to be ideal in its results (no scratchy stubble and smooth skin for weeks), it wasn't the best in terms of application. Then I got it - I dislike depilation! I need to epilate! And a no brainer for epilation is epilator, right? So I got one (a rather old fashioned Phillips number which you can see above - to my defense it only cost about £30) and have never looked back! It does hurt, but it's a pain you can get used to when you repeat epilating regularly. You also become pretty quick once you get the grip and the hair won't come back for weeks - literally. I don't know what's true about hair growing less after epilating but after using epilator for about 2 years now I can tell you that I don't have to bother with my legs for about 1.5 month at least before seein' the regrowth! 

With all the new technology it makes me think - maybe there might be a better way then just a simple epilator? I mean it's effortless enough, but it's still an effort. There's a hair removal clinic about 5 minute walk from my work place called SK:N Clinic and it makes me wonder whether laser hair removal would be worth trying? Have you tried it? What's your experience with it?

How do you deal with hair removal? 
Are you a depilator or an epilator?

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