Yesterday, I mentioned two products that I consider pretty much faultless - and to demonstrate that, I've slapped the BB cream on my face (with the super duper brush I mentioned!), added a tad of other make-up & thrown on the FCUK jumper in warm plum purple - et voila! Fresh face for this spring done (spring is here, right?! It was 16 degrees yesterday, so I take it as it's not gonna drop below zero again)!

Apart from the Ginvera BB cream and C452 Crownbrush, I used Topshop Glow in Polished as a highlighter on my cheekbones, nose and Cupid's bow - the only way how to distract people from my awkward nasal bone, haha! On the top of that on my cheeks, I used Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in Flush, which compliments nicely the BB cream I used and adds to the natural flawless look. Under my eyes I've popped a bit of concealer - MUA Cover & Conceal in the lightest shade is my favourite at the moment - no matter how much I dislike MUA as a company at the moment because of the online craze they created, some of their products are still worth mentioning (& using). I prefer this concealer to the Collection 2000 one, although it comes in a pretty similar packaging, it's much thinner in consistency, yet has got very similar coverage - hence you can see that it creates much more natural look without settling in fine lines and laugh wrinkles (they are laugh wrinkles, okay? not age wrinkles - I'm 24, there's no discussion on this!). I set my brows with just a clear mascara (they always look so skanky, don't they?!) and on my eyes I only used black Collection 2000 felt tip liner, soft white pencil on the lower waterline & L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara (but feel free to use any volumizing mascara you like!). On my lips I used Topshop's Pillow Talk (have I mentioned that pretty much all my lipsticks are either from Topshop or MUA?! I've got a make-up storage post scheduled for next week, you'll see, you'll see - & probably will judge, haha!). And you're done! Takes you about 2 minutes & you can run outside into the spring sunshine (if it's that one day when the sun's actually shining in the UK).   

How do you achieve that no fresh-faced look yourself?