Is it?! Would I blog about a little chocolate heart? Naaah! Well, maybe I would if it was that good, but really this is just another super duper cute piece from Etude House factory - their newest collection is called Sweet Recipe and includes all things sweet looking! This particular one is a smudge liner in milk chocolate shade! Might even beat their Heart Blusher in cuteness me thinks!

The whole collection is so so SO cute, I could not bare the thought of leaving this little babe on E-bay shelf (yup, am fully aware that my E-bay shopping's got out of hand - but really that happened a long time ago anyways!). It comes in the sweetest little packaging - so cute that even my boyfriend was intrigued (but then - he has a slight chocolate addiction, so as soon as he spies anything that could be chocolate, he's on it!).

The top looks like chocolate, but when you flip it upside down you discover a little lid - voila! The eyeliner is inside!

2vEMl7 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Quality-wise I was actually pretty impressed! I just automatically assumed that something looking like a toy will have equally trashy product in it - oh how wrong was I! (For some reason things I assume will be good are poop and things that I guess to be rubbish are ace most of the time!) It's actually a really good light brown eye liner which you can use as either just a liner, smudge it or even as a cream eyeshadow because it's quite soft and buttery in consistency. Surprisingly, it doesn't smudge a lot once applied. Obviously it's not as brilliant as some other eyeliners, but for the price and the cuteness, you're getting a good enough product! What do I mean by this? Once you apply it on your upper eye lid, it doesn't leave an imprint under your brow as soon as you blink - the top lash line stayed pretty much the same whole day, the lower one smudged eventually a little. It's not rub-your-eye-every-five-minutes-proof, no no. 

Overall, it's rather amazing - you just can't beat the cuteness of the packaging! It costs something like a fiver on E-bay and you can get it in a darker shade too! Wheee!

What's the cutest product you own?