Don't you sometimes wonder why women in general buy so many skin care products? Why is one body butter enough? Why do you need a mango one, an argan oil one, Soap & Glory one, olive oil one...? I do believe that partially it's just our superficial materialistic nature of 'we want what we see', but then on other (rather rare) occasions there actually is a good reason to have a wider selection of similar products - let me justify this on facial moisturizers!

First of all - have you ever questioned why do we need to moisturize our face? Before the first moisturizer, what did people do? Well, they didn't need it. And by need it, I mean they really did not need it. Moisturizers only became relevant when people started using face washes on their faces and strippin' off natural oil protection that your cells create themselves to lock in moisture in your skin (and protect it from weather, chemicals and all sorts!). That's another thing you should probably know - moisturizers don't really add moisture (it's just one of those things we say on a daily basis but doesn't make any sense *sigh*), they just create a protective lock-in film. Now we get to why you can get away with buying multiple facial moisturizers for different occasions (not that you have to - it's all up to personal preference and you might find a moisturizer that does it all, however different products have different properties that you might find better for different parts of your face or different times of the day or month!). Also, check what skin type you are - hence what moisturizer you essentially require (I've got a rather dry skin, yuck!).  

The following picks are moisturizers that I've been using quite a lot lately - but don't get mistaken, I do love using other products, e.g. oils and serums! The first one on the list is Mastic Spa Moisturant 24-hour moisturizing cream*. I like using this one for night because I feel that it's quite rich (aka it makes my dry face rather oily after a while - which is a good thing for a dry-faced person, as long as it's happening during night) however when I wake up I can tell that the olive oil and mastic have worked and my skin feels plump and fresh!

My personal favourite for a day use is Korres Wild Rose 24-h moisturizing brightening cream*. I like that it's light enough to be used under foundation or even a BB cream, but nourishing enough to make your skin look decent even under a full-coverage foundation that tends to flake on me! The rose in it helps combating blemishes and scars, yay! You can read a full review here.

La Roche-Posay Nutric Intense Riche* is a thick moisturizer (thick as in consistency, obviously). It's the one you want to use in winter or when you get a Rudolf nose after spending whole day in the sun. To be fair, it feels a bit like Sudocream (if you add a bit of water in it) but works way better! Read full review here

What is your favourite moisturizer at the moment?