I know that many will disagree with me on this, but man - I hate acrylic make-up storage. I might be a little OCD when it comes to this, but I just dislike things being on display in my home. I don't like too many books on shelves (I've got them in baskets & boxes), little decorative elephants collecting dust (I only tolerate owls, cats and moustaches in that matter) and overall anything resembling mess and untidiness. I like things in boxes and drawers and just in general things being put away from my sight. My make-up storage therefore might not be everyone's cup of tea, but hey - it's something different that may, just may inspire you a bit!

In addition to my dislike of things on display, I'm also not a huge fan of all things girly. Well, I am to a certain level I guess because kittens make me squeal a bit too much, but in general, especially because I live with my boyfriend, I don't want the flat to have designated 'girly' space which he would probably not feel comfortable entering. Because of all this (and probably because I used to live with 4 guys in my previous flat share *cringe*), my 'girly' area is in the bedroom, where I've got a little office table and a tall shelf from IKEA (who's surprised, yo?!) made from dark wood which is matching the rest of our bedroom. These two pieces were definitely a bargain, each about £40! Ha, who needs a vanity table, right?!  

On the table, I've got my little mirror, a round basket thing (I think it's actually a woven jar for cutlery because I found it in TKMaxx - in the kitchen section for about £3, ha!) where I store my brushes and an Asda glass jar (£4) for my Essie & MUA nail polishes (because those are the ones I use the most often). On the other side of the table I've got an oil burner (I think it's from Wilkos for 4 quid), a pot with an artificial green plant (because it's quite a dark corner of the room & it's proven that plants tend to die there - which is obviously because of the darkness, not me bein' unable to water 'em, ehm) and my collection of snow globes (which is still at its very beginning *sigh*).  

As you can see below, the tall shelf has got 3 shelves that have got some sort of make-up related items in them and the table has got three empty drawers that I filled in with big boxes and put make-up (palettes, blushes, foundations), skin care and perfumes in. The boxes cost, I think, £8 each and are from IKEA.

One of the shelves has got two large square boxes (one has got make-up in it - mascaras, eyeliners and lip care products; the other one has got necklaces and large bracelets). You can see a pouch with samples and shampoos ready for a giveaway *hint hint*!

The shelf below has got 4 little boxes (they actually come in a set - 1 large box, 2 little boxes and 1 long-ish box, costing a tenner from IKEA) - 2 have got lipsticks in them and two have got bracelets and feather earrings. This shelf also has got my Tangle Teezer (the prehistoric version), my golden Sephora glitter and two body butters and some essentials (mainly boyfriend's).  

The lowest shelf has got a big nail polish box (from TKMaxx for £7) which also has got nail care and hand care products in it, the long-ish boxes with lip glosses and earrings, four Peter Rabbit tins (they used to have sweets in them, nom nom nom!) that now became a home for my rings (bronze-tarnished ones, silver ones and golden ones) and a little jar with whipped cream on it which stores all my hair pins (courtesy of Terri).

Here's what the boxes look like inside!

How do you store your make-up?
Are you fans of acrylic storage or do you prefer boxes & baskets like me?