My Little Box: Christmas 2016
Over the past 5 years I've seen (& tried) a hell of a lot of subscription boxes. I mean tons. From the notoriously known Birchbox (see one here) to the Korean beauty filled 3B box (this one's here) and the sophisticated Pick 'n' Mix by Feel Unique (right here). Subscription boxes are a big hit & miss for me - especially when it comes to the more generic ones. I prefer the ones that truly surprise me - the ones with products I'm positive I've never tried, or the ones where I have at least some control over the contents.

Subscription boxes for Christmas are a damn good idea - especially if they are for someone who's only just getting into beauty or knitting (looking at you craft boxes!), or cooking (HelloFresh!). If you're looking for a beautifully curated lifestyle box with gorgeous illustrations throughout then My Little Box is the one.

🎁 Why My Little Box?

My Little Box is a collection of very thoughtfully curated products covering beauty, fashion & lifestyle inspired by Parisian chic - a style coveted all over the world. The uniqueness of this box is most definitely in its presentation - every single detail is thought through to the absolutely tiniest letter. The boxes are seasonally themed and their contents are not always a rocket science - but they always have an unexpected twist to them.

🎁 My Little Box: Christmas 2016

This year's Christmas box made me squeal a little. It came adorned with a gorgeous silky bow and a giant candy cane (already a winner right there). In this box you'll find a rather decently sized 5ml sample of Courreges Hyperbole perfume (bathe me in this please), a full-sized lip balm by Cocoa Butter Formula (a creative take on the eos balms if you ask me), a mini jar of Tiptree Salted Caramel Spread (ate the whole jar with my finger, I feel no shame at all), a tin with Russian blend of Kusmi tea (how did they know that Russian blend is my absolute fave?!), My Little Box candle that smells like gingerbread (mmm), an eyeshadow duo (in the cutest packaging and perfectly wearable shades) and a cuff bracelet in collaboration with Lou.Yetu Bijoux (with a sweet My Little Box engraving on the inside - also this is a pretty expensive brand in France!). Most definitely worth the money (£14.95) and there's not a thing I wouldn't use!

Subscription boxes are not for everyone but when they hit the right note in people, they make a beautiful gift that keeps on giving every month. I remember when I was a kid my dad would always give me a Kinder Egg when I got an A at school (literally every day, erm yeah sorry not sorry). I feel like this would be a great alternative as an incentive to someone younger, or even to someone a little older who sometimes needs a bit of a pick up! The combination of new products to try and My Little Box's own range is perfect - I'm dead intrigued by January's box already and might place a cheeky order!

You can get your box by clicking here - or just browse the previous boxes here. You can also keep track of all new boxes on the blog & YouTube channel of my friend Claire (click here) - she's a bloody subscription box expert!

Which subscriptions boxes have you tried?
Which ones do you think are worth it and which ones are totally meh?

My Little Box: Christmas 2016
My Little Box: Christmas 2016
💭 I've been given this pretty box as a gift from a friend myself so can guarantee it'll draw a smile on even the grumpiest of faces!