If I could live in one piece of clothing for the rest of my life it would definitely be an oversized jumper. Don't think that there even is anything more comfortable out there (apart from onesies, obviously - but I'd never walk out of the door in one!). The only a bit annoying thing about oversized jumpers that I've figured out is that it actually is about quality. You can get a cheapo one from Primark that can look like a copy of one from Topshop, but you bet that it falls apart (or at least starts lookin' tatty) after the second wash. *sigh* So if you're looking for a new oversized jumper for spring - French Connection might be one of stores to check out! 

This French Connection Veronica Vhari jumper* I'm wearing in this post comes in quite a wide range of spring colours - from mint green and pastel coral to navy blue and bright red. It is made of a wood blend (including angora and spandex, ha!) and is so comfortable!  

I've picked the colour plum cooli in size M (may have gone just for S because it already is pretty oversized!). I love the loose fit (can make it look off-shoulder if you wish so) and the incredible softness of the material. As to the quality - I've washed this jumper about 5 times already, in a washing machine, and it still looks brand new. Get in!

Even Cookie enjoys cuddlin' it, haha!

You can get this jumper either on the official French Connection website for £77, in the stores or on Asos where it seems to be discounted from £109 to £77! I won't lie - it's a bloody expensive jumper but I can't see it falling apart ever! Maybe could call this an investment in quality?

If you could live in one piece of clothing, what would it be?