Glamorous Amorous by Ladyboys of Bangkok

Have you ever been to a cabaret show? I haven't. At least until last week. Last Tuesday I got kindly invited to the Glamorous Amorous show by the Lady Boys of Bangkok and let me tell you this - I will never forget that night. It was unbelievable, bizarre, I dare say it was surreal. At least to me. If you're having a girl night out and want to spice it up or even a hen do, this might be something you might want to consider seeing.

The show took place in a massive circus-like tent which however instead of rows of benches had nice round tables for groups of people and the light was really a pink-purple-red dim adding to the 'amourous' atmosphere. Lady Boys (who are actually from Thailand!) were performing songs by Nicki Minaj, Girls Aloud and loads of others dressed in the most amazing dresses & costumes - some of them reminding me of those you should see at carnival in Rio! In between hits by JLo & Co, there were little inserts of (for me - a grumpy git) less comfortable nature (read rather kinky lyrics!) which however seemed to amuse the whole tent and sent the crowds into cramps from laughter! Not even joking! People were dancing on the stage, singing along, goin' absolutely wild!

What I found most amazing was that all the Lady Boys looked absolutely stunning - I even had moments when I felt a little embarrassed about my body and began quietly contemplating about goin' to the gym right after the show.. (no, that did not happen, don't be cray cray!). Their figures, dancing skills and even make-up & hair went beyond your regular 'pretty woman'!

Definitely a show you won't forget! To see whether the Lady Boys are comin' to the town, check their official website!

Have you been to a cabaret before?
Which one & where? Have you enjoyed it?
Glamorous Amorous by Ladyboys of BangkokGlamorous Amorous by Ladyboys of BangkokGlamorous Amorous by Ladyboys of BangkokGlamorous Amorous by Ladyboys of Bangkok
💭 I was kindly invited to see the show however the amazement and thrill were my very own!