I know that a lot of you have quite enjoyed my last home post with some random snaps from my flat. Since I'm still in the process of redecorating and shuffling things from one place to another every day, I thought you might enjoy another little update. This one includes an owl, Salvador Dali & Cookie's paw (still attached to Cookie, don't worry!). 

Cookie's favourite mousie; boyfriend's favourite clock - it's from IKEA and you can actually assemble any shape you wish, the little pieces just click in and voila - remember, when you're boyfriend comes from South Africa, this is the most likely outcome, ha!

Little daffodil candles that are just too cute to be burnt and a pretty owl from Miss Lowe; a map of the world where, when we have some money to travel around a bit, we can tick all the places we've been to

Do you still remember my wall of inspirational people? Yup, it moved with me to my new flat - I just added a string of pretty fairy lights to make the wall look a tad more glam! And a nauseatingly sweet picture of me & Justin - everyone has got one like that right?! No?! Well, never mind..

Did you know that I collect snow globes? Well, I've been trying to collect them to be precise - I just can't find any cute ones, urgh! And Justin's collection of Naruto books - it's absolutely normal to have about 60 Naruto books, right? 

Cookie baybaaaah ♥

 The paw 

 Cheeky bum

What sort of style is your home decorated in?
Are you keepin' it cosy or modern, or cosy modern?