The older I get the more comfortable I seem with slightly extravagant things - or at least with the desire for them. One of them being my glasses. When I was first told that I'll have to wear glasses, I was about 15 and had an absolute freak out. After a few days I realized that it's not the end of the world and got glasses as invisible as possible to minimise the change in my appearance. Unfortunately, they were also invisible when lying on my desk and ended up under a pile of books on a number of occasions. Oops! From then on my glasses had at least some frames to spare them all the damage. Lately though - to my surprise - I've started lustin' over glasses that are rather noticeable on one's face - like these cat eye glasses!
Feline eye glasses are one of those sorts that seem to be really hard to pull off. Apparently they suit more people with heart shaped faces, but after all - anyone can wear whatever they feel comfortable in, so if you like your eyes a bit feline-like, there's no reason not to try them (at least that's what I'm telling myself!). I would love to get a pair that's absolutely crazy, like the in the right top corner - but man, would I have to grow some serious balls to wear those! *shakes head sadly* What to do then when the real kittiness is just a tad too much? Maybe I could start with baby steps and get a little less obscene pair - the two bottom ones? Maybe? They are actually of SmartBuyGlasses UK website, and they are not the only pair of feline glasses that they've got, so have a browse on their website if you feel like it.

I really like that the first pair looks very much like the one just below - if you don't know this blogger - oh-maaaa-gaaawd where have you been living?! Under a rock?! Keiko Lynn is the one in pulling off glasses (and I mean any glasses!) - not even jokin' when I say she's the ultimate feline glasses icon! She makes make-up tutorials on how to get the right look for different glasses as well as she dresses like a doll yet makes the glasses go perfectly with all her looks. Genius if you're asking me! Lesson one - flick and bright lip - go!

You can browse a whole selection of Ray Bans (I think she's actually wearing Ray Bans in this picture) as well as Marc Jacob sunglasses on the official SmartBuyGlasses UK website where they have quite good discounts goin' on at the moment - the ones that I like are just a little over £70, not too bad! And why am I even mentioning this website? Because they are currently running a great community focused campaign for people in need in Africa & Asia where for every pair of glasses purchased they give away a free pair to someone who really needs it across the communities in the aforementioned areas. You can read more about their commitment here

   Feline glasses - yes or no?
(I may actually be turning into a cat if I get these - just sayin')