Another destination for budget cheer-me-up buys is Poundland. All the Sally Hansen and Revlon nail polishes, Garnier skin care and Tony & Guy shampoos... *shakes head in disbelief* ...and now I found this little beaut there - NPW nail polish in Bewitched! The cuteness reminded me of Korean brands and the colour was different enough to have me tempted. Pretty? £1? Sold! 

I'm not gonna lie to ya - this is no Revlon or Essie or other super duper nail polish you just wish you had in all shades ever released. This is a cute £1 nail polish in a shade of pink fairy dust in a packaging that reminds you of candies. And that's about it to be fair (although is there ever more to a nail polish?!).

It actually has got quite a wide brush - which nowadays seems to be sign of a good quality nail polish - does it, really?! And although I found this nail polish in the mighty Quidland - you can buy it online on the NPW website for whole £3.95, woah! 

What eye-catching have you discovered in Poundland lately?