The other day when I was on my lunch break (when you grow up & have an adult job you will learn that this is the only time when you can actually go shopping) I popped into Primarni. I haven't been there for a while so I had quite high hopes - alas most of the things there looked absolute rubbish, perhaps because it's all bikini and sun-dresses there at the moment and minus temperatures outside. So which section saved my shopping life? The home section! Two cute buys and whole £3.50 spent! *claps hands*  

First of all - the new collection has got so many beautiful candles in it! There are ones that look like pink flowers and little tea lights in the colour of Essie's Mint candy apple! Seriously! The one that I just had to pick though was this massive moustache one. It's apparently not scented, although I can smell 'old lords club' sort of smell (read cigars and old books), which is actually a really nice one (no matter how bad it sounds, aha!). It's massive and cost only £2!

They also have loads of little silly yet useful things in the new collection, such as door stoppers (some of them looked like little owls and some like moustaches!), the cutest cushions (with rabbits and pugs in sun glasses) and... this adorable double sided bathroom door sign! I believe that £1.50 is more than justifiable as it not only looks pretty but also saves you a lot of potentially embarrassing situations. *cough cough* 

Have you found any cute things in the Primark home section lately?