What season do you think is the best for weddings? I guess they all have got certain charm - in summer you can wear feather-light beach gowns with flowers in your hair and in winter you can throw on a polar bear furry shrug! *dreams* Just to make this clear, the last time I was at a wedding was when I was about 4, so all my wedding-knowledge is based on Disney movies, American rom-coms and automotive commercials, so if it sounds unrealistic, just leave me to it please, I like it this way. Here's a little spring bridesmaid outfit for realistic wedding planners (read it doesn't cost your yearly salary) which I believe would work for most shapes and sizes and would lighten-up all the wedding seriousness!

Personally, I don't think weddings should be seen as serious and money-consuming as they are these days (maybe that's just the impression I'm getting from Don't Tell The Bride?!). Who the heck needs a wedding dress that costs a grand and bridesmaid dresses that cost half a grand?! Isn't it meant to be your day to remember, hence a day you're gonna laugh a lot and not worry about spilling rose and smudging chocolate all over your £1k gown? I might be just naive, but hey - at least my wedding (in the far far far future) won't ruin my account, ha!

So what have I picked for this spring bridesmaid outfit? I absolutely fell in love with this mint milkshake dress - it's so cute and cheerful (it's not against the protocol to have a cute print on a bridesmaid dress, right?)! Plus mint is colour of this spring, isn't it? It's that sort of dress that looks good at all shapes and sizes, is comfy to run around in and has got a lovely lace-up detailing at the back. At £55 it's nothing you wouldn't be able to afford! I find that mint colour can sometimes look a bit washed-out on its own, so pairing the dress up with bright coral heels is gonna make the dress itself pop a bit more! They are not too high either - you don't want your bridesmaids whining about sore feet whole (your wedding!) day, do you? A pearl necklace and simple pearl earrings can be found in almost everyone's jewellery collection and if not - they are not account-breaking and can be found in every single jewellery store! As this is a spring outfit - you need flowaaaars! A delicate white or cream flower headband is not hard to get either - you can get them in the most expensive boutiques or in Poundland - or on Etsy! There's such a large selection on Etsy that you can get a different style for each bridesmaid - why would they all need to look like carbon copies?! 

I've also added some make-up items - keep it simple, toned-down and what's most important - waterproof (no tears are gonna ruin your day!). MUA makes lovely and well pigmented yet affordable eye-shadow trios - a pink one would go nicely with the mint dress, me thinks. Tony Moly's Cat's Wink mascara is not only waterproof, but it stays on your lashes for ages, it curls them and makes them look longer as well as fuller - can't really go wrong with this one. Finally, add a red lipstick based on your preference and skin tone of your bridesmaid - I love Topshop lipsticks as they are really pigmented and stay on lips for ages!   

Have you ever been to a wedding before?
Have you been a bridesmaid at a wedding before?

PS: This is a competition entry for Fearless Brides blogger competition, feel free to check out their blog & maybe take part too!