Kalimera means 'good morning' in Greek, did ya know? (Yeah, I spent almost 3 months in Greece and this is all I remember..) Anyways, do you remember the post on Mastic Spa from a few days ago? No?! Then go & read it, sheeesh! *shakes fist angrily* Here are first two products I've tried and... loved! I might be a bit biased because I love Greek products, I love products with pump applicators and I love vanilla scented anything, but really - they do work really well too! Kalimera Nourishing Day Cream* & SerDeep Hydra Intensive Serum* - my new morning helpers!

As I've already mentioned - the packaging is great - it's lightweight (ideal for travelling), doesn't leak, has got a pump applicator and looks well cute! All Mastic Spa products contain mastic - a (mummy-conserving!) ingredient which works as an antibacterial agent as well as heals broken skin. Read more about it here!

Kalimera! is basically a nourishing day cream which helps combat very dry skin - exactly what you need after this long winter! It's nourishing, yet very light and once it's absorbed in your skin, you don't even know you put it on - apart from the lack of flakiness and tightness. The product itself is rather thick and has got very subtle smell of hemp (as it includes hemp oil) - a similar to the hemp hand cream from the Body Shop, but much more subtle. I use it every morning under my foundation or BB cream, and it keeps my skin in a good non-flaky condition until the evening. 

SerDeep Hydra is an intensive moisturizing serum which contains vanilla and shea butter. According to Mastic Spa, 46% of women have noticed a difference in hydration of their skin after using this product. Well, I don't know about that but I wasn't unhappy! The product itself is much runnier than Kalimera! but the pump applicator makes it easy to use despite the consistency. The smell is absolutely amazing - I prefer it to the smell of hemp by 100% - but then nothing can beat vanilla for me! *nom nom nom* I use this on days when I'm just lounging around the house, because I feel that it's a tad heavier (and a little bit sticky) compared to Kalimera!, but not as heavy as products that I use in the evening. It does make my skin feel really fresh, conditioned and 'woken-up' if it makes sense.

You can get both products on the Mastic Spa official website - Kalimera! comes in a 50ml pump and costs €19.6 (now discounted to €9.8!) and SerDeep Hydra comes in a 30ml pump and costs €29.90 (now discounted to €14.95!). If you love good hydration for dry skin, this is a new brand you may want to look into!

What's your favourite morning moisturizer at the moment?