Image what Cinderella would smell like... obviously when she was at the pretty ball dancing with the prince, not cleaning up at home, doh. Or Sleeping Beauty. What comes to my mind is sweet, but light scent of innocence and all the pretty things you can imagine (with little blue birds singing at the background). Well minus the birds, this is what the Enchanted EDT* by Accessorize smells like!  
Enchanted is a very girly EDT, with the following notes in it:

Top notes
Middle notes 
Base notes

I think this perfectly illustrates the smell - a typical girly cottoncandy and raspberries with light floral scent and a subtle undertone of vanilla.

Although someone might say it smells a bit childish, I think it's the perfect summer scent, especially for the English summer - your typical gloomy rainy day can take a twist when you wear this EDT - it's an ultimate cheer up for me! I honestly have to say it makes me feel a bit like a Disney princess, ha! You can get it for £15 off the Accessorize website, in Accessorize shops, Boots & The Perfume Shop. If you need a summery EDT to carry around in your handbag, this is a lovely affordable choice!

Accessorize's new collection also includes two more scents - the fragrance wardrobe collection - Charm* & Passion EDTs. You can see Charm below, which is described as an evening scent with hot amber oils notes in it. This is a really, really heavy scent which would be more suitable for mature ladies and therefore is diametrically different from Enchanted. I would also recommend using this in winter months rather than in summer, as the hot weather tends to develop scents to smell even heavier and this could lead to a slightly sickly deep amber scent rather than a playful amber, so be careful with this one! It retails for £9.99 and you can get it Accessorize stores.   

Which perfume/EDT makes you feel like a princess?