Yesterday I realized that I've never tried to make vintage floral nail art before and thought it was about time. I totally adore the way it looks on people's nails, although have to admit, sometimes it might look a bit of a wallpaper-design. Not that it's a downside - how many times has your boyfriend called your favourite floral dress a nan's wallpaper/curtain? I won't dare count how many times mine has (about billion minimum). This is my first attempt, hope next time it will look all a tad neater!  

All I used for this look were Essence nail polishes and a few nail art brushes I got off E-bay. However the brushes are not an essential, you can do the same job with tooth-picks (maybe even better!). The nail polishes I used are in the following shades: 
  • 97 absolutely blue
  • 79 viva la green
  • 08 ultimate pink
  • 48 meet me now!
  • tip painter in white (can substitute with any white nail polish)
  • studio nails - better than gel nails top sealer

What's your favourite nail art?
You can leave a pinterest/blog link to it below if you wanna!