Unique perfumes you need to try
I sometimes wish I was one of those women who owns just one super expensive signature perfume and that would be it. But the thing with me is that I'm fickle. I like to change my lipsticks, my blushers and my nail polish as often as I change my socks. FACT. But in all honesty, I ain't too fussed about Britney Spears' Fantasy or Chanel. I like my perfumes to be different. And these four are the most different perfumes I've come across so far - these scents are so specific there's no way they won't become your signature scents (and who says you need just one signature scent, right?).

Vanille Noire (£53, Yves Rocher)
I dare say this is the most memorable Yves Rocher purchase of mine. I specifically remember having the little tester bottle to try and then purchasing the full size because the scent was so mesmerizing. I don't use it half as much as I'd like to because it's quite a heavy evening scent but it does sit proudly on my dresser - just look at the beautiful bottle, stunning isn't it?

Escentric Molecules 020 (£27, Liberty)
This is one of the strange perfumes which picks up your scent and turns it into a concoction of everything beautiful and exotic, you and the fragrance - one unique boom of frangranceness. This particular one - number 020 - has a strong lime and musk base to it which turns almost floral on my skin. Kinda manly but not entirely - I would say this is a very unisex scent, fresh but warm at the same time.

Clarins Eau Ensoleillante (£32, Boots)
I'm desperately low on this beauty - will definitely need to get a new bottle for the summer. Clarins fragrances are particularly interesting because they claim to be 'healing'. They contain oils and herbs and everything you need to spruce up your mood - which has been clinically proven. And I do agree, very much so. The scent is the warmest sunniest thing that's every touched my nostrils. It's beautiful!

NUXE Prodigieux Le Perfume (£43.50, Feel Unique)
I've been obsessed with this fragrance for more than a year and it's still one of my absolute favourites. It smells like the NUXE body oil - which is essentially a bottled up summer! Another favourite for the summer season, but works for warm autumn nights too, mmm.

What's your favourite perfume that not everyone and their cat owns?