Three sheet face masks I've tried & love
I've already talked about my three favourite clay face masks however today is going to be all about sheet face masks! Have you tried them yet? They have been all the rage over the past two years or so. At the beginning when they started popping up on shop counters they were not perfect - some of them were just a little too dry, some of them were dripping with product. It took our favourite beauty companies a little while to get the grip on them - but it's been worth the wait. Sheet face masks are now nothing short of miraculous and they are produced by a plethora of brands - from Skin Food & Etude House to Charlotte Tilbury & Garnier. 

🌿 Starskin Balancing Behind the Scenes Bio-Cellulose Second Skin face mask (£8.50, Selfridges - buy here)
A pretty heavily soaked sheet mask (in 30ml of serum!) which is ideal for blemish prone, irritated skin that needs instant soothing. The serum in this mask contains naturally fermented coconut juice which is the key ingredient that helps to immediately purify and sooth skin without any additional irritation. This mask is perfect when your skin is playing up and you need it sorted in just under 30 minutes. It doesn't sting, doesn't burnt and has just the slightest cooling effect. I find that it particularly helps with enlarged pores and tight patches.

🌿 maskorea Too Many Late Nights Sheet Mask (£7.99, Feel Unique - buy here)
K-Beauty products are super popular right now - and there's more and more of them coming into the UK shops too, hurray! This maskorea mask contains 3 products in 1 - a pre-mask foaming and soft peeling cleanser, a serum infused natural cellulose facial sheet mask and a post-mask anti-ageing night cream. I find this mask to be particularly pleasant after a long tiring day when all you need is just a touch of pamper before diving into your bed. It refreshes (as it contains kiwi and lemon extracts) but isn't one of those that proper wakes you up. It also really improves the texture of your skin as it contains vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

🌿 Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask (£1.60, eBay - buy it here)
The most budget friendly mask from these three - yet it still delivers very impressive results! This mask contains quite a strongly fragrant rose extract which helps soothing and moisturising tired skin. The scent is rather strong so it might not be suitable for very sensitive skin however it it very pleasant if you're looking for a mask for those times when all you need is just to put your feet up and slap on a mask that won't make too much mess, won't leave a sticky residue and will leave your skin looking 100% healthier than it did before.

I know that a lot of you will fight the urge to throw something at me after saying this but man I don't like the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask. It's so sticky I legit struggle to wash it off - and the results are most definitely not worth the struggle. I'm also not particularly keen on Skin Food's Horse Fat Sheet Mask - not because it contains an actual horse fat (although that does leave me slightly cringey) - more so because it does have a pretty funky scent to it and is extremely wet. I mean you're dripping horse fat kind of wet. And that's not what you want from a relaxing pamper session after a long day at work. I've also tried the Character Sheet Mask by The Face Shop and it was average to say the least - it was a fun one to use because it looked like a panda bear but it just didn't do anything and was on the drier side of the spectrum.

Three sheet face masks I've tried & love
Have you tried any sheet masks yet?
Which one's your favourite?
And which one you would rather not use again?

💭 Some of these products have been gifted to me for a trial (thank you!) - all thoughts on these masks (& horse fat) are my very own.