Adidas & a blazer
It's been over half a year since my last outfit post and since the weather has been looking a little better in the past week I thought it was about time I got into it again - fashion & style is something I'd like to start incorporating much more on this blog so bear with me - it might take me a couple of tries to find my 2017 outfit blog face & pose (what? you don't have one? you so do, you're just lying to yourself kid!). My style might not be anything revolutionary but over the years I have found signature pieces and staples which have helped forming my fashion sense & wardrobe - so let me share some of these with you.

I'm the biggest fan of blazers & jeans - if I could wear just one two things for the rest of my life then it would be a pair of skinny jeans (ever so slightly ripped, for good measure) and a slightly oversized blazer. I mean if it comes to it, you (perhaps not me in this case but you most definitely) could pull off that jeans/blazer look with just a pretty lace bralette underneath and nothing else. My favourite blazers are most definitely from H&M - although their sizing is the strangest, their blazers fit me like a glove and they're a pretty good quality too! You won't believe when I tell you that I've had this exact blazer for coming on to 6 years now - and if you've met me before you'll know that I wear it all the time. I'm not as fussed when it comes to skinnies (sometimes even the ones from Primark will do) but a few weeks back I've found my new kindred spirit in the world of jeans - they're the Moly jeggings from River Island and they put Topshop skinnies in their back pocket, I'm telling you.

Although we've already established that a pair of jeans & a blazer don't necessarily need much more than a strip of lace to go with it, a plethora of tops is always a good path to take. If you're sticking with plain coloured jeans (blue, white or black) you can either go bold on the blazer or the top. I tend to choose to keep the blazer classy (black, white, pink or red) and be slightly more liberal when it comes to the top. Including THAT Adidas top that every blogger & their cat has. It's not too wild in terms of colours but hey - essentially this is a men's gym top! And it totally works with a smart blazer! Because anything goes when it comes to blazers & jeans - be it a boho peasant top, white crisp shirt, a baggy tank top with holes or a rainbow blouse with unicorns on its sleeves.

What's your signature fashion piece?
What makes you feel the most you?  

White top ⚫ DW Sports
 Skinny jeggings ⚫ River Island
Black blazer ⚫ H&M (similar)
Black ankle boots ⚫ H&M
Jewellery ⚫ H&M earrings (similar), vintage
Black fedora ⚫ H&M
Chain handbag ⚫ Aliexpress (similar)
Black belt ⚫ Primark
Glasses ⚫ GlassesUSA

Adidas & a blazer

Adidas & a blazer
Adidas & a blazer
Adidas & a blazer
💭 Some of these items have been gifted to me, thank you! Awkward poses & blogger photo face are my very own, unfortunately.