Matalan is a brand that I've never ever mentioned on my blog before. Not because it's a horrible brand. Not at all. But it's not a very talked about brand. Maybe it should be talked about more, hmm? At least their collection of handbags!

I can tell you - I accidentaly stumbled upon their shop once and it was a bit... overwhelming. I wasn't sure what to make of it - it had a bit of Peacocks/BHS feel to it, a bit meh. When I saw their upcoming collection though, I was well surprised.. and yes, impressed! So I decided to give their website a browse and oh my! Some of the pieces looks amazing - and so affordable! And by affordable, I'm talkin Primark prices! I made a little collage of handbags which I fell in love with immediatelly, for both their designs and price tags! Look how pretty they are!

Nex time I'm somewhere near Matalan, I'm definitely popping in and having a closer look (maybe a lil spree? haha!). It's definitely a brand to keep your eye on, especially because of the new collection they are bringing out soon!

Do you shop in Matalan?
What's your favourite item you bought there?