I'm not a girl who spends hours and hours curling and styling her hair with heat, not because I think it's a waste of time, but because my hair just doesn't like it. I've got super thick horse mane which is the straightest heaviest thing you've ever seen. I've tried a number of products to fight this, because I really really really do like my hair curled and big, but oh well. I also dislike heat protectants as they make my hair even heavier. To be fair, ANY styling product that I've ever put on my hair (except Argan oil and raspberry vinegar) made my hair even flatter and heavier. *sigh* ghd Style & Protect* comes as a styling kit with a brush, hair clips, heat protectant/straightening & smoothing spray and a shine finish spray. So far, this kit is the best hair styling thing I've tried. No joke. Even I'm willing to use it, and actually think the result looks pretty damn good! Look!

Ghd Style & Protect is basically a gift set with essentials for hair styling, that I can imagine everyone who styles their hair with heat would enjoy. At least us horse mane girls definitely would! The gift set itself comes in a super luxurious box and to be honest with you, this is the prettiest (and the most expensive looking, without actually being the most expensive!) hair styling set I've seen. Everything in the box, and the box itself, is designed in matte black with golden detailing, how beautiful is that? (Yeh, I just called a hair spray and a hair brush with 2 hair clips beautiful! Maybe you think I'm a sad person, but it's the little things, right? haha).   

Now what's exactly in the kit and why I think it's so brill? 

Massive paddle brush: This brush is really expensive looking and it's definitely one of the biggest brushes I own. Although I do use tangle teezer on a daily basis, this is something that I use strictly for styling as it's great for brushing out your curls after curling your hair. It's not too harsh (as the tangle teezer is), so it leaves the curls still really strong.

Two sectioning clips: Every single time I pick them up I ask myself - how could I live without these?! Seriously, if you ever are curling your hair with a straightening iron (or any other curler), you need this. End of. Plus the ones in this kit have got such a sleek fancy design!  

Straight & Smooth long-lasting straightening spray: This is officially the best heat protectant I've ever used. To make it clear, this is not primarily a heat protectant - it is a straightening and smoothing spray, which you spray on your hair before styling and it keeps the frizz away as well as keeps it in shape (preferably straight), plus it contains a heat protecting formula on the top. Since I don't need to style my hair to keep it straight, I used a straightening iron (I own Cloud 9) to curl my hair, but still used this spray. Surprisingly enough, it did not weight my hair down like other heat protectants and it did keep it rather curlier for longer than I'm used to (since my hair's so straight & heavy naturally, it just goes flat in minutes after every single curling attempt)! Yay!   

Final Shine spray: And this little baby gives your hair a lovely shine without weighting it down! I even spray it on my hair without any previous styling because it makes my hair really soft and nice to touch as well as shiny (not greasy shiny like some other products do, rather healthy shiny!).   

All over, my first experience with ghd styling products was much more positive than I'd expected! If you are a hair styling beginner or your hair is just a bit of a nightmare, I definitely do believe this is a set for you, and although the price tag of approximately £30 might seem a bit steep, you are getting 2 great products, 1 mahussive brush and 2 hair clips in a really posh quality design, so the value for money is pretty good! You can get this gift set off Feel Unique for £33 or Asos for £24 (bargain alert!). You can also buy the sprays separately (if you already own a gazillion brushes and hair clips, then I'd go for that option) on ghd website - the Straightening & Smoothing spray is for £12.95 and the Final Shine spray for £9.99.

I'm off to get a ghd hair spray, because if it's as good as the products in the set, I'm gonna be all over it! I'll let you know what I think of that! 

Have you tried ghd products before?
What's your favourite product from ghd styling range?