I was extremely lucky last week & won a ticket for a launch of new Nelly high heels collection which took place in a little bar called Mechu. Although I can't walk longer than three steps (yes, 3 steps, I'm being absolutely serious) in high heels, I thoroughly enjoyed the night. I took the boyfriend as plus one, had a pint (eeer, yeh, I drink beer as a true lady) and enjoyed the sight of the coolest high heels - spiky Jeffrey-Campbell-styled ones, mahussive glittery heels, simple black platform heels with lace edge and almost kitten heels in mint/rosegold were my favourites! For such a glamorous occasion I thought golden nails would be well appropriate (I do secretly love a bit of golden glitter on my nails, but let's face it - that's a hard one to pull of on a daily basis). The combo I chose created something resembling (at least to me) golden sand

I used Topshop in Heart of Gold because it's the best golden nail polish I've come accross (please don't stone me for not liking Barry M's golden foil nailpolish, in all honesty I think it's absolute rubbish). In two coats you get nicely opaque 'Roman' (I'm not sure why I associate the prettiest golden shade with ancient Rome, hm) golden nail and on the top of it I put two coats of Etude House's LUCIDarling with golden glitter, which has got little multicoloured glitter particles of different sizes and therefore while reflecting light you can see all sorts of colours (all nicely complimenting the golden base). 

Would you pull of golden nails on a day or do you just save it for the night?

In this post I would also love to say massive THANK YOU to every single person who ever read my blog, I never thought I would get to 500 followers! And since such a round number made me more than smile, here's a snap of my little Cookie monster, a kitten I got last week, to brighten up your day! Oh, and I promise she is not retarded/possessed, she just pulls faces for pictures!