I was on the Lush-mania waggon probably a year ago. I love their bath bombs & soaps, and thought the brand was something really different. Then Lush became a bit out of my price range and as soon as I thought I might go and pick up a few bits, the rather unpleasant campaign against animal testing began (not that I approve of animal testing, but that was one massive put off for me). A few weeks ago I gave in and picked up the glorious Big sea salt shampoo & Seanik solid shampoo bar. Very soon they both became my favourite hair products! 

Big sea salt shampoo is not exactly a shampoo. At least not to me. I would say it's rather a weekly sea salt cleansing treatment. I use it once a week (to avoid irritation & dryness of my scalp because of the high amount of sea salt in it), lather a tiny tiny bit (less than a tea spoon and my hair is LONG) in my hands and then massage it into my hair. I repeat this twice during one washing. This makes my hair super squeaky clean and since there's literally not a single dirty hair left, it makes the whole mane sorta airy (read weightless) and hence gives it great volume! It has quite a strong scent, which does stay on my hair and my boyfriend isn't exactly keen on it, but I quite like it - it's smells like cleanliness to me! It's true that this shampoo is a tad expensive - £10.95 for 330g, but considering I use it once a week and use less than a tea spoon, this should last for months!    

Seanik solid shampoo bar is a totally different cup of tea. It contains seaweed & moss and I use it twice a week (or anytime I need to wash my hair & I'm not using the Big shampoo, so once-twice a week). It's not as aggressive as the Big shampoo, because of the milder ingredients, but it still does a great job! I lather it up in my hands with a little bit of water and then rub it into my hair. It leaves my hair feeling really fresh and soft, and the softness stays on my hair for days. Some people might be worried about the little bits of seaweed, but I find they just stay in the bar (so far) and don't bother me. You can buy it from Lush for a fiver and the bar is 55g. The only a bit annoying thing about a solid shampoo bar is that you have to get a tin for it, and you have to let it dry well otherwise you risk it's gonna go all mouldy. Yuck.

What's your favourite Lush hair product?