As I promised, here's another MUA palette review for you! Last time I reviewed the infamous Undressed and this time it's the brand new limited Olympic edition - MUA Going for Gold! I believe that for some people there's nothing more exciting and purchase-reinforcing than limited editions. I like to think about myself as less manic than that, but here we go - when you start considering something a collection, you can't just say no to a limited edition, right? And this one has got a tad different design than the standard palette. Have a look!  

Going for Gold is unique in a few aspects. First of all, it has got less shades than your standard MUA palette - 10 instead of 12. To justify the lower number of shades, the design of pans is square rather than round, which makes me think there might be a little bit more product, but that's just a guess to be honest. The shades in it are obviously inspired by the upcoming Olympics hence shades of bronze, silver & gold. I think that's a really clever idea! While revealing the shades on MUA instagram & facebook, everyone was expecting colours of the Olympic rings but to be fair, I find this more original than simple Olympic rings colours. And probably more usable too! 

Just like your standard MUA palette, this palette is of great quality - shades are pigmented, have minimal fall-off, stay one pretty long and have really nice buttery texture. The shades are quite unique, I'm pretty sure you can't find all these shades in any other MUA palette. I find some of them contain quite a heavy shimmer (mainly the darker shades), which makes them perfect for lash line contour or a night time look. I've tried a few looks with it already and I really like the light bronze-y shades with darker bronze on lash line or a pop of yellow (oh, pardon - gold, hehe!). However, since I always show you my make up with natural or pink/purple shades, I decided to man up and go for the silver look

I think this is quite a simple day time look with a hint of silver shimmer on the lash line. I used grey matte-ish all over the lid (with my finger, woops!), dark matte-ish grey in the crease (which to be fair looks a bit brown-toned), light shimmery grey on my brow bone and the darkest shimmeriest shade on the lash line (both upper & lower).    

Overall, I think it's a great little palette for the occasion, it's just as good as the rest of MUA's range and contains some really unique shades which are not in other MUA palettes, but let's be honest - it is a limited edition. It's not a necessity, you will use it occasionally (Undressed, Heaven & Earth and others are more of the daily-basis palettes, at least for me), but it will cheer you up and become a nice addition to your collection! You can get it for £4 in selected Superdrugs or in MUA online store.

I really wanted to take a few snaps with Cookie the kitten monster for this post, but as you can tell from the pictures below, it was next to impossible. Well, it was impossible. Now I've got a few massive scratches on my neck and a few holes suspiciously resembling her little teeth in my chin. Thank you Cookie for cooperation, well done!

Which MUA palette is your most favourite one?