Noone likes writing negative reviews. At least majority of people naturally do not enjoy being negative while reviewing products, I believe. Neither do I. If I don't like a product, I always try to find some good points about it, I really do. But the time has come and there's Hydroxatone facial rejuvenation kit* lying in front of me & I haven't got much good to say about it. I do admit though, I've never used Clarisonic or any other facial brush of reputable origin (more on that later), so maybe I just don't fully understand the concept of microdermabrasion brushes. I'll let you judge!    

I was really really (REALLY) excited when I got a chance to try a microdermabrasion brush from Hydroxatone. I'd have been excited to try any 'real' facial brush to be honest - for a number of reasons. Is there a single person who's NOT raving about Clarisonic?! They are so expensive, yet people call it a facial toothbrush - and paying over £100 for a toothbrush? Microdermabrasion is an actual treatment that seems to be effective, as it 'rubs off' your dead skin cells and massages them, so they create more new collagen and voila - brand new glowy skin! Well this is what Hydroxatone is meant to do anyways - cleanses your skin & enhances it's tone and texture.

Now, don't get me wrong. The device itself has no fault when it comes to looks - it has a smooth design in white colour, two speeds, two heads (a brush & a sponge), and it's battery operated. It's super easy to use, you just pop the head you wish to use on & switch it on. Simples. My issue comes with the actual usage...  

I always thought that Clarisonic and similar raved about facial brushes rotate. In different ways (I think Clarisonic only twists from side to side a bit?) but they all do move. Now it's time to admit it - I had my own facial brush before. It was a little blue baby for a fiver of E-bay. You may think I was risking ruining my face, but hold your horses - it worked quite well until it died after about a month for some unknown reason. But it did rotate and it did make my skin feel so much cleaner and nicer. Anyways, the little blue number left me and I thought this would be a quality replacement. But it wasn't. Hydroxatone does one thing differently - it VIBRATES. Yes, it does not twist anywhere, it does not move. It vibrates. To actually feel it on my skin I have to press it hard against my face which is not exactly the comfiest way to end your day with and it still doesn't seem to be doing much to my skin. I used various cleansers with it (Liz Earle, Neutrogena, Vichy), no success. It just does not feel to be doing anything amazing. I might be doing something seriously wrong here...

I found that another variation of this kit comes with a microdermabrasion cream to use with the brush, but I can't imagine it would make such a massive difference (I tried it with Soap & Glory scrub as well, which basically is a microdermabrasion based product?). Hydroxatone is available in the US and it costs $59.95. That's not a fortune, but I would still expect to get at least some result. 

Have you tried this product yourself?
What would you recommend me to use with it?
(Maybe I'm rambling for no reason, who knows)