I think I'd consider myself to be a warm-toned nail polish girl. I like my pinks, purples and reds. However, those colours not always compliment the outfit/occasion. When it comes to that, I prefer nudes or greiges. Greiges? Yeh, I said it - greiges. Greige is a fairly recent neologism in the world of nail polishes and it describes a mix of grey & beige. One that particularly caught my eye is Ciate's Sharp Tailoring*. And since my nails are still pretty damn short, I combined it with french tips in attempt to elongate my stubby fingers.  

I've never been very good with french tips, they always look really wobbly and unprofessional. The best way for me is to use Essence tip painter, although it did take some time to practise my hand to create a fairly straight line.

As to the Ciate Sharp Tailoring itself, it's one gorgeous greige colour! In certain light it looks grey, in certain light I'd say it's almost brown?! Unlike other, more boring & dull greiges out there, Sharp Tailoring has got incredibly subtle shimmer in it. I think it's a really unique colour, which is more than appropriate for office hours when you don't wanna have just plain nude nails, but need to keep it within professional limits.

Apart from the stunning bottle with a bow (how could someone not love a nail polish bottle with a freakin BOW?!), I really like the longer narrower lid (wand?), which makes it really easy to work with, as well as the flat brush. The staying power is pretty good, but beware of washing dishes (okay, there's probably not a nail polish that would survive dishes haha!). Overall, can't say a bad word!  

You can get Sharp Tailoring on Ciate website for £9 here. It's not the cheapest nail polish, but I'm tellin you, it does look absolutely stunning when sitting on your shelf with the rest of bow-ed Ciates! Expect a little exhibition of all the beauty here on the blog soon! 

What's your favourite shade of Ciate nail polish?