To start off with the challenge I posted about yesterday, I should show you a sneak peek into my wardrobe. Not the best number one considering I'm a student and I live in a tiny room in halls, but oh wells. Not too much to see, since drawers are not the most photogenic objects, nevertheless, I added a few little dream numbers at the end.

To be fair I think my wardrobe is pretty posh for halls - it's sorta built in/walk in (if you tiny enough) closet! Yeh, got the Sex and the City halls room, lucky me! Essentially though, the door you can see here has got a set of drawers and a bathroom shelf behind it, together with a telly that the bf considered essential for his xbox while he's staying over. Yep, my walk in wardrobe is half an xbox playroom, half a wardrobe. All my clothes is crammed in drawers, with a coat and a few blazers squashed on the rack next to the mahussive telly. 

What's the exciting bit though, is that I will probably be moving places soon-ish, and I can hence concentrate my imagination on much nicer wardrobe layouts. My wardrobe is not exactly massive when it comes to the amount of tops & dresses, so something clean & neat, maybe like the last picture below would make me pretty damn happy.  

(Source: WeHeartIt)

What's your dream wardrobe?