Wolf Chloe Jewellery Box review
Since the pre-blogging days I've always envied girls that had a style. The ones whose wardrobes scream French chic with little satin neck scarves, the ones whose skirts are meticulously ironed into the perfect As, the ones whose underwear is made from the most beautiful delicate lace. And blogs didn't make it any easier on me - the crisp white bedsheets covered in real suede Chloe handbags, the bedside tables adorned with studded Valentino heels. But I'm not made of money, I don't have rich parents or a brilliant business idea backed by Dragon Den's capital. I'm just your average girl who grew up in one T-shirt and a pair of jeans.
It's fine to grow at your own pace. 
I don't grow half as fast as others - in terms of work experience, relationships, possessions - or my wardrobe & style. I've tried being the girl that lives in one T-shirt & a pair of jeans. I've tried being the girl that loves princess dresses. I've tried being the girl that wears a ton of make-up. And the one that wears no make-up. And it's this trying & failing that will make you who you are.

💭 I have found that I don't like wearing black all that much anymore. I like crisp whites, beiges and browns better. And leopard print. And a deep forest green. And that's perfectly fine - you don't have to have a wardrobe that's colour coordinated with the rest of your life. The other day I've picked up this Miss Selfridge roll neck jumper - so not me yet I want to stroke it affectionately & never take it off. I also bought this pair of flats from New Look to go with the jumper. So not me that they're not coming off for next week (or more). 

💭 I love Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks more than any other lipsticks I've ever tried. Very Victoria (see here) is my ultimate favourite. I love absolutely everything about them from the luxurious packaging to the scent and texture. The woman's a genius. A genius.  

💭 I like wearing plain watches and vintage silver jewellery. I have an unreasonably large collection of vintage pendants I've gathered from flea markets, car boots & eBay. I used to be obsessed with Primark, H&M and even the overpriced Topshop jewellery. It's just so pretty, isn't it? But it's not practical for me (because it stains my sweaty sausage fingers in under a minute). So I branched out, tried a few things here and there and found that one type of jewellery I truly love & want to stick to.  

💭 I wear trainers a lot even though all trainers make my feet look the size of children's feet. And I don't care. Because white trainers go with everything. You can see it here & here. They honestly go with absolutely bloody everything. Hurray!

💭 Button down shirts are my thing. They make me look like I'm going for an interview even though I'm just going to get a loaf of bread and a block of Cheddar. I love it. And who's there to tell me otherwise. I've tried wearing tight tops, baggy tops, pretty lacey tops. Button down shirts are the winner. Simple as that. 

💭 I wear them unbuttoned way too low for it to be considered lady-like but I have no boobs so who cares. 

💭 I like things neat & organised - because there's a place for everything & everything's got its place. And people (read Shaun) get annoyed with me for being obsessed with everything having a designated spot but at least I can find things! Most of the time. I'm obsessed with buying containers of all sorts - did you know that wrapping your block of cheese in a parchment paper and then placing it neatly in an air tight container extends its life by DAYS?! And if that's not worth it then what is. Wolf has recently sent me this stunning handmade leather Chloe jewellery case (as if they knew; see it here) - you can't even imagine how much it pleases me to display my vintage treasures in it. It looks so luxurious and not gonna lie, it beats the cheese box by miles. The box itself is made so carefully and precisely - everything on it is handmade (even the pattern which looks almost laser cut has been cut by someone's expert hand!), can you believe it? Although it's small enough to travel with it's a little heavy to pack for a weekend away - it does look oh so fancy on the top of my dresser though. Can I also have this big one please? So beaut! 

💭 I don't do messy buns. Although messy buns are like the thing of this century I just don't do them. Not in public, that is. Of course I'll whip my hair up when I'm lounging around the house - no one wants a kitten tangled up in their hair. But they're not for me when it comes to leaving the house. Oh no. 

💭 I haven't worn an underwire bra or one with padding for years. Because I don't have time for that. No one's got time for that. At least no one with an A cup. They are usually about a million times more beautiful than the extra thin ones but who am I gonna fool with some extra jelly padding and an overflowing balconette cleavage. It confuses even me when I see it in my peripheral vision! 

And that's all completely fine. I've tried liking things others like. I've tried squeezing my belly rolls into someone else's style. And all this has allowed me to cultivate my own style. One that is just me and even though it might not be the most Instagrammable, on-trend affair, I'll happily stick to it let it grow with me. 

Does your style grow or do you stick to it religiously?
What IS your style?

Hey, it's okay for your style to grow with you
Hey, it's okay for your style to grow with you
Hey, it's okay for your style to grow with you
Hey, it's okay for your style to grow with you
Hey, it's okay for your style to grow with you

💭 The beauty of a jewellery box was sent to me by Wolf (thank you!) however all the beautiful vintage jewellery finds, way too expensive make-up, obsession with tidiness and strong fashion opinions are my own.