Feel Unique Pick 'n' Mix review
When writing my ultimate guide to Bloglovin' (did you know you can earn money through Bloglovin'? Yup - read all about it here) I popped over to Fee's blog (read it here, if you're not already reading it I can only assume you're some kind of amphibian living under a rock) because I wanted to link to one of the clever blog posts about Bloglovin' she wrote. Fast forward an hour later & I spent £3.95 & had a tailor made beauty box on the way to me. That is the power of a blogger. And also of Feel Unique's Pick 'n' Mix because that's some blooming' good idea they have there!

Feel Unique's Pick 'n' Mix is essentially a DIY beauty box

You can pick 5 samples from a selection of hundreds (literally) and all you have to pay is the postage & packaging which is £3.95. And that's not even the end of it. You will then get a code which entitles you for £3.95 off your next purchase on Feel Unique so essentially you're getting your money back through your next order. There are no hidden costs or charges, no limits or restrictions on which samples you pick. You can even filter the samples by category (I'm always intrigued by make-up samples the most), type of container (because no one wants lotions in sachets, meh) and even brand (they have some very very tempting brands featured there).

So what have I picked?

💄 bareMinerals Marvellous Moxie lipgloss in shade Maverick

It's ever so rare to find a lipstick or a lipgloss sample. Yet they are so adorable and so useful - how many times have you bought a lipstick and realised it just doesn't suit you at all? Oh the regrets. I love this shade - Maverick - it reminds me of Bobbi Brown's Pink Beige but way glossier!

💄 Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream

I always seem to get Caudalie samples but literally have never tried a full size of anything from the brand. My nails are currently in an embarrassing state of affairs. I can't even look at them without cringing so I've self-prescribed myself a regular use of hand cream - this one is my current favourite and has took over Lush's Love & Light. Sorry not sorry.

💄 La Roche-Posay Lipikar Syndet Shower Gel

I'm a massive fan of La Roche-Posay as you probably already know. Their Effaclar products are my skin saviours (read about my 10 year Effaclar journey here). Who knew they made a shower gel though? I have had a few unfortunate skin reactions to regular shower gels recently so decided to give this soap-free cleansing gel a go!

💄 Replica Beach Walk EDT

Every time I go to Selfridges I spray this on. Every single time. But £85 for a perfume is rather dear - unless you're dead sure you'll love it and bathe in its scent every morning from now until forever. I'm so glad I got this sample because by wearing it throughout a whole day without any other perfume mixed in I've realised that the scent doesn't last on me. What a bummer!

💄 Replica Jazz Club EDT

Apparently this is meant to be a men's fragrance. Let's agree to disagree. I actually prefer it to the Beach Walk. As sad as it makes me, it doesn't last on my skin any longer than the Beach Walk does. Sigh.

To have a browse through the samples (& most likely place an order, I've warned you!) click here.

You can read Fee's post on Pick 'n' Mix here.

What do you think about Feel Unique's sample service?

A beauty box done right: Pick 'n' Mix