This is one of those topics no one really likes talking about, but I dare to guess that every girl keeps thinking about it and trying all sorts to find the easiest, cheapest and the least demanding way to sort it out. How to get rid of the annoying hair so it never comes back?! The other day I came across this little beaut, which looks like an effective & easy solution - TRIA Hair Removal Laser.* 

TRIA Hair Removal Laser is essentially a use-at-home diode laser, like the one they use in salons & clinics, which safely disables hair follicles and therefore prevents hair from growing back.
Apart from the beautiful design, TRIA has got a number of advantages over other hair removal methods: 
  • you can use it safely at home on your own (no need to go to a salon or a clinic - how do people deal with that by the way, do you just get full on naked in front of the technician? *childish giggle*)
  • it's pain-free
  • after 6 months of twice a week usage, the results become permanent!
  • it's a cordless device (battery operated), so you can use it everywhere
  • does not irritate skin or eyes like other laser hair removal might do
  • it's been tested by dermatologists & medical experts
  • it's suitable for the whole body (except genitals or male facial hair)
  • 5 settings for regulating the intensity
  • it's an in-clinic level of treatment for a super cheap price (see the chart below)
When you have a little search online, you find so many good reviews about TRIA, you can check their website for more information about how this method of hair removal works (I recommend watching the videos, since they are really interesting!) and read more specific information about the product itself with over 250 reviews!

 Have you tried TRIA or any other hair removal laser?
What are your thoughts on it? Should I give it a go?

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