Day 2 of the fashion challenge I found pretty easy, in fact overwhelming. You may not have noticed, but I am a hoarder. My mum says I got it after my dad. Me and him, of course, like to call ourselves collectors - that goes for books (read about a thousand books in our household - no, I am not joking, and yes, I did suggest we should merge with the local library), art, vintage cameras, even nail polishes and budgies. My dad is therefore my excuse for the ridiculous amount (read fine collection!) of earrings that I own. 

I'm not gonna bore you with a detailed list of all the little jewels I own, I rather just thrown in a couple of my faves which are basically the ones I wear 99% of the time.

Although it might sound like a totally ridiculous statement after what you've just read and seen, I don't like spending money on earrings. I think the most I've ever spent was £4 or £5? I remember once falling in love with these feather earrings in Miss Selfridges but for a tenner that was just surreal. After a few weeks they went on sale for some three quid. Why would anyone ever spend a tenner on some feathers, sheeesh, right? (I probably would if I had the 'resources' to be fair, haha!) And to add, I don't think I ever wear real silver or gold earrings, I'm just too worried I break them (although I don't think I've ever lost or broken a single one, eh).

What are my favourite places for earring hunts? H&M (they are usually a really good quality & I like the shade of gold they in, silly huh?), Primark (because of the ridiculously low prices), Topshop & Miss Selfridge (when there's sale), Internacionale & Select (from time to time) and I almost forgot E-Bay (one hell of a place for 99p + free P&P HK/Chinese earrings which are basically copies of £100s earrings from boutiques)!

What's your favourite thing to hoard?
Where do you like buying earrings from the most?