Day 3 of the fashion challenge I'm taking part in should represent something I'm wearing for the first time. That's a bit tough because I didn't have time (or £££) to shop lately, especially for clothing, so I decided to go with a little bit of make-up and a little bit of accessorise.  

I can't actually believe that I've never worn these daisy earrings. I got them off E-Bay about half a year ago at least and I remember thinking that they're the cutest earrings ever. With that thought I carefully placed them (read chucked them) in my jewellery box never to be seen. Or at least not to be remembered until now. what an awful person I am?! *sorry*

You probably know that I've got a little big thing for Topshop lipsticks, so no wonder that the recently released shade Tease was a necessary (!) addition into my collection. It's a really nice cool pink shade with a hint of lavender I would say. Definitely haven't had any similar shade in my collection before and oh, how nice it feels on my lips!   

The right beauty blogger boyfriend - taking blogging seriously, huh?

  What is your long-forgotten newly-found love?