Due to lack of light we've been having these days in England (dare to call this spring?!) & my work hours today, I was forced to swap day 4 & day 5 of the fashion challenge and therefore today I'll be showing you my best bargain! It's hard to find a better bargain than something for a quid (let's be honest - who in this country would give you something for a few p, right?), and it's even harder to decide which of the quid bargains I should go for, so I decided I will got for unisex & fun = Family Guy socks 

Yes, they are from Poundland (I've seen them in Primark as well but they were slightly more expensive I reckon?) and obviously they were a quid a pair!

They are not the best quality (only been washed once and the soles are already bobbly, argh), but they do put a smile on the boyfriend's face when he's puttin them on in the morning (& running around pretending he's demented Peter).

As you can see in the catwalk picture below, although they come in only one size, they fit both big 9 and tiny 3-4 foot and they are super comfy. Have you already got yours? They are current Poundland collection, so run & pick your favourite character! (Note: They do feature other characters such as Chris & Meg as well, however we are not exactly their fans, haha!)

Who's your favourite from Family Guy?

PS: Poundland has not sponsored this post in any way, neither have they paid me.