If you read my post yesterday then you know that I swapped day 4 & day 5 of the fashion challenge. Today is therefore all about my favourite print, oh wait - I don't have any favourite print, so let's change it for my favourite pattern - lace!

I think there's something really strange about lace that never fails to attract me. Anytime I see something lace-y I make a little squeal and run to it (oh well, talk about infantile underdeveloped brain). I think it all started when I was about 16 and I went shopping with my best friend (at that time I was all about khaki army pants and green vest tops, say what!) and she suggested I should try a cute cream lace top in a shop called Orsay. I was stunned how girly it made me look and that it was even possible to have such an effect on the way someone looks. Although I don't think I had bought the top, that was the moment when lace was sold to me for the rest of my life.

I even remember having this black lace Asos top that had about a million holes in it (yeh, downside of lace is that you buy it and it already has got sorta holes in and it just gets worse with time), and I still couldn't part with it, until literally a half of it ripped off (that is called love, right?). One of the best places where you can get lace tops/dresses is, I believe, H&M. They seem to have at least a few lace items always in stock. The dress I'm wearing in the picture is obviously one of the famous H&M lace dresses, that everyone seem to have lately. I bought it initially in black and when they brought in more colours (baby blue, white & cream), I gave in and bought the cream one as well. They are so versatile and can be dressed up for an occasion as well as dressed down for a day. I guess someone might think that suspender tights with lace on the top might be a bit too much, but I sorta think that these two patterns compliment each other nicely.  

Although I already do have white lace shorts (it's more like embroidered pattern to be fair), I have my eye on another pair, I really like the baby pink H&M ones which are in stores now, however they just seem a tad bit expensive for £20. The whole dress was £20, so why little teeny weeny shorts for the same price, H&M, huh? *frowns*

What is your relationship with lace?