Black longline coats are often associated with all things FBI and Matrix and whatnot. And rightly so. They are incredibly smart and give you the sophisticated cultured edge which not all of us naturally have (points finger in the mirror). As it happens with all good pieces which you ultimately need in your wardrobe, they tend to be rather pricey. And on top of that a nice plain coat is incredibly hard to find. I think this long black coat is spot on and pretty damn affordable. So why not?!

This black coat, believe it or not, is from SammyDress. You know, one of those fashion e-shops that sell gazillion things for suspiciously low prices? Yeah, that one. The coat itself is a gem though - it's really heavy (sometimes I even wonder whether it's healthy to wear such heavy garments?!), snugly & warm, it sits well - it's tights in all the right places and cost only $27 which is something like £18? Maybe not even that! What a bargain! And I think it might even last more than just one season (like my old coat, boo to that one!) - not just because of the quality of the piece but also because of it's timeless structured look.
black coat // SammyDress
black ankle boots // Public Desire
black skinnies // Zara
handbag // Stella McCartney (via Aliexpress)
necklace // Primark (from about 4 years ago!)
watch // DW (via Aliexpress)

PS: Iron your bloody clothes, Tereza, for Christ's sake!