It's always so much easier to wear jewellery in summer than it is in winter! All the knit-tugging necklaces, bracelets stuck in coat sleeves, statement rings jammed in your already tangled hair. Gives me the rage just thinking about it. The holiday (read all about our Santorini trip here) and the quite alright weather (read the heat wave which lasted for about 2 days) got me all excited about some new jewellery purchases - check out the most recent additions to my jewellery collection!

statement earrings: I ain't one for massive earrings but I may have got carried away this time - I totally blame Sincerely Jules for this. She can pull off all sorts of large dangly earrings like no one else. You can buy these here & here - they are only a couple of quid!   
Boho earrings: I've been looking for a pair of pretty dainty crystal earrings for ages - and as usual H&M saved me from my misery. These are dainty enough to wear to work but add that sort of Boho gypsy vibe I've been obsessed with lately. You can still get them here
cuffs: Okay, cuffs are a bit 2013/14 but how can you say no to them right? They make your wrist look that little bit slimmer and that little bit more sophisticated. This one is from E-bay, I couldn't find the narrow one, but here's a link for a slightly wider one - it's only a pound!    
nose rings: Right. This is a bit of an odd one for me. I found these in Primarni for a pound or so and the multitude of uses lured me in. You can wear them as nose rings (which makes me look like a right tit) or as ear cuffs (more acceptable yet slightly painful for someone who's never worn ear cuffs before).    
layered necklaces: These have been so popular this year - and I'm up for them. They are easier to use than layering your own necklaces and getting them all tangled up, and they are very inexpensive. This one is from here.  

Have you bought any jewellery recently?