Beauty favourites January 2016
It's been a billion years since we've talked beauty on Cityscape Bliss, hasn't it! I'm all blabbering on about DIY and sowing seeds and whatnot. But the truth is, I have become very content with my beauty routine and I haven't bought a new lipstick since.. I can't even remember. That's not good, is it? I must treat myself to a little beauty splurge after the payday, me thinks. But for now I'd like to share with you my 4 favourite things from my beauty drawer which I've been using religiously on a daily basis. If not more.

Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser Tint (John Lewis, £57)
The most bloody expensive but also the most gorgeous face cream I've ever put on my face. And it's worth every single penny. You might have noticed in my previous beauty-centric posts that I have become obsessive over Perricone MD (read more here). I just can't help it, Perricone MD is one of those brands that you become addicted to, no matter what the price tag or availability. You just have to have it. This facial moisturiser is essentially a skin care cream with tiny tint particles which burst once you start rubbing them into your skin. It's like mud and magic in one! It makes your skin so beautiful and glowing that you don't even need to add foundation on top. Gaaah, if I had all the money in the world, I'd stock up on every single product this brand makes!  

Nanogen Root Boost Hair Thickening Spray (Look Fantastic, £9.95)
I ain't fan of drugstore hair styling products. Yes. I said it. I just don't care for Schwarzkopf, I don't particularly like Tony & Guy, and I genuinely dislike John Frieda. Their products rarely work for my hair and I tend to be left with a sticky mess of a birds nest. I've heard a lot about Nanogen before, especially in the world of hair-loss and medicated hair care. This already fills me with trust because it's obviously a brand where they know what they're doing and have some scientific evidence behind their methods. And you know what? That's exactly what this hair thickening spray does. It's not magic, it doesn't make your hair twice as big as your head - it just works. Because the ingredients are heat activated, it does work much better pre-hair-drying however I do use it on dry hair too - whenever it needs a bit of an oomph without the added stickiness!    

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Secret (Feel Unique, £25)
Do I even have to go into how beautiful Chanel lipsticks are? Once you go Chanel, you never go back. True story that is. The Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks are particularly buttery and smooth and don't irritate my lips at the slightest - even when I re-apply a dozen times a day! I'd rather buy one of these babies than 3 or 4 drugstore lipsticks any day, and that's a fact! The shade Secret is a nude one, with some very silky rose gold shimmer which you might not even notice. It's perfect for cold weather because it doesn't leave your lips chalky dry!   

Michael Kors 24k Brilliant Gold (Boots, £52.50)  
I've obviously been a good kid this year because Santa went all out and brought me the very perfume I've been wanting for a year or so! Michael Kors is another brand which I'm always happy to hand my money to. Michael Kors lipsticks and nail polishes are especially on point! The gold collection of EDPs is absolutely stunning and in all honesty - I just want them all lined up on my dressing table. That would be so beautiful! Aaaah! The 24K Brilliant Gold is just plain gorgeous - it's peppery but very sophisticated and chic. The scent is very different from any other perfume I've used before so I would say that if you're looking for something very unique and individual, this one might be for you!

What's your favourite beauty product at the moment?