Personal style is something I used to really struggle with and in all honesty, I'm not entirely confident with it yet. That's why I take every opportunity to learn a little bit more about it (and about myself), be it through blogs like Into Mind (it's absolutely brilliant if you're looking into minimalism and de-cluttering your wardrobe), magazines (I have really been enjoying the Porter in it's digital form) or even just strolling around Birmingham and people watching. Fashion is something that should make everyone (or at least those who care for it at all) happy and you should enjoy it rather than fear it (oh my god, what am I gonna wear today?!). That's why I have compiled a list of my favourite fashion items which really make my heart skip (& my bank account cry). Oh, and there's a special 3 day giveaway at the bottom of the post!

I'm not your typical dress girl but I do like a flattering dress. Every girl should have at least one dress - even if you're the most non-girly girl in the world there is a dress for you. I much prefer baggy and boxy dresses to those which are cinched in waist because I find them slightly less girly and more comfortable (you can stuff your belly on lunch break without looking like you conceived whilst queuing in Greggs). My favourite dress shops at the moment are Mango, Zara and New Look.

Okay, I haven't mastered the art of co-ords yet but I'm getting there (as late as ever!). The one in the picture above - which I only just got now but it's extremely summery and absolutely not winter appropriate is from Luxemme. They have some lovely ones on their website and so does Missguided!

I so wish I was braver to wear them more - like, every day. Whatever you're wearing - it always looks better with a hat, trust me. I feel like I suit floppy hats more than woolly hats or caps but then everyone has a different head shape and style so carry on searching until you find the one. Who knows, it could even be a flat cap!

I'm not obsessed with shoes, I ain't that rich to be honest, but I do appreciate a nice pair of heels or two (which I'll most likely never wear because I can't bloody walk in them). Shoes are great to shop for though - you don't really have to pair them with anything, no tucking in, no folding up, you just slip in them and voila!

As you might have heard, the Clothes Show is coming to Birmingham again. In less than 10 days! It takes place at the NEC, Birmingham (just a stone throw from Birmingham International) from the 4th to 5th December 2015. To be in with a chance to win 2 free tickets to show please enter the Rafflecoppter widget below! 

One winner will be drawn at random on Friday at 12:00. Good luck!   

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